Overcoming your Sunday Scaries

I wake up, it’s 5am. My head is overflowing with thoughts. My hearts racing and I feel like I’m sinking. My palms are sweaty and I have an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness. It’s Sunday. 

The Sunday scaries are a REAL thing. I know because I experience them every Sunday, like clock work. The overwhelming worry of the work week ahead and the unknown of what’s to come creeps into my weekend like a bug I can’t squish. I find myself in a habit of just accepting that my Sunday’s are overtaken by my anxiety and giving my Sunday away to my work week. But with such a short weekend it’s not fair. Sunday should feel like a second Saturday. A whole day to yourself. 

After months and years of hating Sunday’s, suffering repeated anxiety each Sunday morning, I’ve decided to take my Sunday’s back and in doing so want to share some tips and strategies I used to help ease my Sunday scaries and anxiety as the work week rolls around again.

Below I provide tips and strategies on how to make the most of your Sunday so you can tell your Sunday scaries to fuck off. 

  1. Keep busy. Having a schedule and activities planned for your Sunday is a good way to fight the scaries. Keeping yourself busy with plans will keep your mind off what you have to do for work the upcoming week and will help it feel like your weekend is longer. Keeping your mind busy helps keep your anxiety at bay. 
  2. Review your schedule for Monday. Before bed it’s a good idea to review your work schedule for the following day so you can feel prepared and know what to expect. Planning out your Monday will help you get a better nights rest on Sunday with a clear head. 
  3. Sleep in. Speaking of sleep, sleep is great for helping with anxiety. We only have two days to sleep in over the weekend so make sure you take full advantage of these days and catch up on your sleep. We often don’t realize how central sleep is to everything else in our body/mind. I make sure to get AT LEAST 8 hours a night. 
  4. Meditate. I often like to meditate in the morning on Sunday when I wake up to calm my thoughts. I also meditate at night on Sunday before going to bed to calm and center my thoughts again. Good meditation apps I have liked using: insight timer (this app is free) headspace (this is an app you have to pay for but they have a lot of different mediations for sleep, relaxation, positive thoughts, etc. and they update new ones weekly), you can find relaxing music or mediations throughout YouTube and other sites.
  5. Journal. Although this strategy may see simple and obvious to some, many will read over this strategy and not try it. It may not work for some, but you may find it really therapeutic and calming to journal about your day, your thoughts, or anything! You won’t know unless you try.
  6. Vitamins/teas/oil. There are plenty of vitamins and teas that are recommended for positive mental health and to reduce anxiety. I love drinking tea to calm me at night (specifically camomile or a relaxing night time tea). St. John’s wort is recommended for reducing anxiety and depression, and I know a few people that it has really worked for. I like essential oils and have found them very helpful and calming. I spray some on my pillow at night before bed and also in my car in the morning on the way to work.
  7. Prep for your week. Preparing for your week ahead of time gives you a great start to your week. Meal prep is a good way to prepare for your week and will make your mornings a bit smoother, healthy eating = improved mental health.

These are just a few tips I have found helpful in easing my Sunday scaries that I hope you will find helpful in some way also. Our weekends are already too short as it is. Make the most of it and prioritize your mental health. You come first!

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